The Last Day

We left our hotel early in the morning and stopped on our way back to Warsaw at the largest brick castle in the world in Malbork, Poland. It was ginormous! It was so huge our tour through the castle took a full two hours to complete. The beautiful castle had to be partially rebuilt after WWII. … Continue reading The Last Day


We Are Family

On our trip, our group of 8: Grandpa, Grandma, Uncle Stash, Aunt Lorraine, Uncle Ray, Katie, Mom, and myself, are called the “Ciemniecki Clan.” We also found out that in Polish, Ciemniecki is pronounced Chim-nyet-ski. One of the biggest mysteries to all of the other people on our tour is how we are all related. … Continue reading We Are Family

Surprisingly, No One Got Killed

Today, we toured the capital of Poland, Warsaw. Warsaw was completely demolished during World War II so after the war, the people of Warsaw decided to build the city back to the identical way it looked before the war. This can be seen especially in Old Town Warsaw featuring old style shops and buildings. It … Continue reading Surprisingly, No One Got Killed