We Are Family

On our trip, our group of 8: Grandpa, Grandma, Uncle Stash, Aunt Lorraine, Uncle Ray, Katie, Mom, and myself, are called the “Ciemniecki Clan.” We also found out that in Polish, Ciemniecki is pronounced Chim-nyet-ski. One of the biggest mysteries to all of the other people on our tour is how we are all related. … Continue reading We Are Family


A Rollercoaster of Emotions

Today was a day filled with emotions. Today was the day we visited Auschwitz. We left Krakow very early this morning and drove about two hours to the concentration camp. I was actually very excited to go to Auschwitz on our trip because I thoroughly enjoy learning and reading about the Holocaust. It is a … Continue reading A Rollercoaster of Emotions

It’s All Polish To Me

All day, Uncle Stash has been studying his Polish and trying it out on all of the locals we meet, like our waiters, store owners, etc. I think he just likes knowing more than the rest of us. Everyone he speaks to in Polish is very impressed and it made our waitress’ day at dinner. I’m … Continue reading It’s All Polish To Me

Sto Lat!

We drove another two hours to finally get to Krakow, stopping on the way to eat McDonald’s for lunch, which kind of sucked because I really only eat fries and Oreo McFlurries there and they didn’t have Oreo McFlurries. I haven’t eaten meat there in over three years and there’s no way that’s changing just … Continue reading Sto Lat!

How Do You Make Holy Water? Boil the Hell Out of It!

Today was one of the longest, but most beautiful days yet. We got up bright and early at 5:30 to eat breakfast, pack our bags, and be on the bus by 7:30. The weather was perfection, with bright blue skies and big, fluffy white clouds. The temperature was in the higher 70s and it was … Continue reading How Do You Make Holy Water? Boil the Hell Out of It!