5 Amazing Restaurants in Lakeland, FL

Lakeland is a hidden treasure of Florida. One of the best aspects Lakeland has to offer is its unique blend of restaurants. Here are five amazing restaurants in Lakeland, plus the best place for some yummy desserts! Posto9 Posto9 is a Brazilian Gastropub that is new to Lakeland. The menu includes a raw bar with … Continue reading 5 Amazing Restaurants in Lakeland, FL


A Few of Our Favorite Things

We did so many different activities on our Royal Caribbean cruise, and everyone had one part of the cruise they enjoyed most. Read on to see what Mom, Dad, Ryan, Ashlynn, Grandma, Grandpa, Jared, and I each liked best about the Allure of the Seas. Mom One of my favorite parts of the cruise was … Continue reading A Few of Our Favorite Things

Dining Destinations: Colorado

We ate at some pretty stand-out restaurants while we were in Colorado so I thought I would share some of our favorites! Beau Jo's Colorado Style Pizza - Idaho Springs, CO Every time my family has gone to Colorado, we have stopped for pizza at Beau Jo's on the way to our destination city from … Continue reading Dining Destinations: Colorado

Running Through the Streets Like Hooligans

Back in the main square, mom and I chose an Italian restaurant our tour guide recommended for dinner since we were in the mood for pizza. Apparently, we lucked out on food tonight because the pizza was delicious and didn’t last more than 5 minutes between the two of us! Then, mom saw creme brûlée … Continue reading Running Through the Streets Like Hooligans

It’s All Polish To Me

All day, Uncle Stash has been studying his Polish and trying it out on all of the locals we meet, like our waiters, store owners, etc. I think he just likes knowing more than the rest of us. Everyone he speaks to in Polish is very impressed and it made our waitress’ day at dinner. I’m … Continue reading It’s All Polish To Me

Sto Lat!

We drove another two hours to finally get to Krakow, stopping on the way to eat McDonald’s for lunch, which kind of sucked because I really only eat fries and Oreo McFlurries there and they didn’t have Oreo McFlurries. I haven’t eaten meat there in over three years and there’s no way that’s changing just … Continue reading Sto Lat!

How Do You Make Holy Water? Boil the Hell Out of It!

Today was one of the longest, but most beautiful days yet. We got up bright and early at 5:30 to eat breakfast, pack our bags, and be on the bus by 7:30. The weather was perfection, with bright blue skies and big, fluffy white clouds. The temperature was in the higher 70s and it was … Continue reading How Do You Make Holy Water? Boil the Hell Out of It!

Poland at Last

Note to self: Never. Ever. Schedule a 9-hour nonstop flight unless it’s first class. The flight was, to say the least, less than desirable. Actually, it was pretty miserable. It was a HUGE plane with three rows of three seats each! Unfortunately, the seats were very narrow and there was very little legroom. Sleeping was near … Continue reading Poland at Last