Disney character interactions are fun no matter how old you are. There’s just something so magical about seeing your favorite characters come to life. Over the past year or so I have met quite a few characters. I recently went to Disney and spent all day in Magic Kingdom having characters sign a white pair of Toms shoes to later wear to the parks.

Some of the meet and greets were more fun than I could have imagined and others were very lackluster. So here is my list of character interactions from best to worst.

*Disclaimer: I am aware that character interactions vary greatly each time you meet a character depending on the cast member. This list is based solely on my personal experiences.

1. Anastasia and DrizellaStepsistersI happened upon Anastasia and Drizella behind Cinderella’s castle last time I was at Disney. Cinderella’s stepsisters definitely took their time with each guest, which was Anastasiagreat when you were with them, but made the wait in line that much longer. The girls really fed off each other, which meant there were no awkward silences the whole time. Overall, Anastasia and Drizella were just absolutely hilarious and they acted like real sisters. They asked if I only had one shoe because the other shoe was in my backpack and then Anastasia said, “The whole one shoe thing is a trend around here,” which made me crack up! They were so clever and great at improv! The pictures turned out so great and make me laugh looking back on them. I could have stayed with them all day.

2. CinderellaCinderellaCinderella has been my favorite princess since I was a little girl. I had high hopes for her in real life when I met her last year. I was even disneybounding as Cinderella that Disney trip. She noticed immediately that I was wearing “bibbidi bobbidi blue” and I showed her that I was wearing my version of glass slippers too. She showed me how her dress has an interlocking CC design for “Cinderella Charming” that the Fairy Godmother made special for her. I was so happy that my expectations of Cinderella were met and exceeded.

3. TianaTianaWhile Lottie from Princess and the Frog is one of my favorite Disney characters, I didn’t have all that much interest in meeting Tiana, but she was in the same room as Rapunzel so I got to meet them both. Tiana was so warm and welcoming when she saw me. She wasn’t as proper as most of the other princesses try to be, which made her a lot of fun to talk to. I would definitely meet Tiana again given the opportunity.

4. TinkerbellTinkTinkerbell is another one of my favorites because she’s so sassy in Peter Pan. Tinkerbell in person didn’t have the same sass, but she was so sweet and came up with great conversations. When I asked her to sign my shoes, she asked if I ever thought about putting dandelions on the toes to match her, but that I would have to be careful not to sneeze or they would blow away. She didn’t treat me any differently than the little kids who went right before me, which is a trait of a great character interaction in my opinion.

5. Peter PanPeterI’ve met Peter Pan twice now and both times he was full of energy. While this is a great thing, sometimes it’s difficult to hold an actual conversation with him because he seems to be in his own little world. When I met him earlier this year, we asked him to film a video saying hi to one of our sorority sisters who loves Peter Pan and he was more than willing to do it. He’s very fun to meet, but you may feel like you have whiplash when you leave because of how many directions he took the conversation in.

6. Snow WhiteSnowSnow White is definitely not one of my favorite characters, but I went with Megan to meet her because she’s Megan’s favorite princess. Snow White was very sweet and had some great conversation points. She loved that we had bows on our ears like the bow she wears. She talked about the seven dwarfs with such adoration that you couldn’t help but believe her.

7. Mary PoppinsMaryI’ve met Mary Poppins twice and both times she has been very warm and sweet. Interactions with Mary Poppins can be pretty bland because her character is so proper, but she is still fun to meet. She asked me if I flew to Disney by umbrella and said she has the most fun when Bert meets guests with her. The British accent makes her meet and greets stand out.

8. RapunzelRapunzelMy interactions with Rapunzel have always been fine, but nothing more than fine, which is disappointing because she is one of my favorite characters. She didn’t really try to relate to me and just sort of talked at me. Everything she said sounded very rehearsed and planned out. She didn’t improv on the spot either time I met her so there wasn’t a back and forth conversation, it was just her reciting her spiel to me. For Rapunzel being such a carefree character, I expected her meet and greets to be a little more fun and less forced.

9. ArielArielI was most disappointed by my interaction with Ariel. She has always been one of my childhood favorites along with Cinderella, but when I met her recently, she seemed disinterested in me because I wasn’t a little kid. When I asked her to sign my shoe, I tried to make a joke saying, “I know you aren’t very familiar with shoes,” since she doesn’t have feet, but she didn’t get it. My meet and greet with Ariel was basically her signing my shoe, getting a picture together, and that was it. There was no conversation.

Some other characters on my “want to meet” list are Flynn Rider, Fairy Godmother, Prince Charming, and Gaston. Character interactions can make you fall in love with a character even more or make the magic fade and I hope everyone has great interactions every time they go to Disney!

What I wore:

My “I’m done adulting, where’s Disney?” shirt is from Mouse Apparel.

My red Mickey shirt is from Amazon.

My churro ears are from To Never Neverland.

My black and white Steamboat Willy ears are from Started with Mouse Ears.

My white canvas shoes are Toms.


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