We did so many different activities on our Royal Caribbean cruise, and everyone had one part of the cruise they enjoyed most. Read on to see what Mom, Dad, Ryan, Ashlynn, Grandma, Grandpa, Jared, and I each liked best about the Allure of the Seas.


One of my favorite parts of the cruise was playing Bingo on the days at sea. Not only did I win $300, but it was a time when all of us were together having fun in a relaxed atmosphere. Bingo was usually in the late afternoon, so we would go to that and then have just enough time to change before dinner. Ryan, Ashlynn, and Jared were also winners during the cruise, but unfortunately no one in our group won the free cruise.



My favorite part was being chosen as the “middle-aged” couple for the Love and Marriage gameshow. We came in second place, but we had celebrity status on the ship for the rest of the cruise. Everywhere I went, someone would say, “You’re Russell from the marriage gameshow!” It was also hilarious seeing your [Ryan and me] reactions to our answers in the audience.

Marriage Show


My favorite part was the boat. It floated.


The [virgin] strawberry daiquiris were the best! I got at least 3 or 4 every day with my non-alcoholic drink package. I definitely got my use out of that. I loved laying by the pool with Ryan and a daiquiri just relaxing.


I like the fact that the waiter at dinner kept bringing me more and more wine and champagne. I think I drank that whole second bottle of champagne! [Interjection from Dad: She did drink the entire bottle].



The food was my favorite part. We ate at a few different places on the ship and each place was good, whether it was the Windjammer cafeteria style, the formal dining room, or the Samba Grille Brazilian steakhouse. We ate a lot of food that we don’t normally get at home.



I enjoyed the freedom at night. I did what you wanted during the day and did what I wanted to that you didn’t at night. I liked leaving the casino, going up top on the back deck for a little bit to watch the water, eating some pizza and sandwiches and then calling it a night.


My favorite part was the chilled strawberry bisque in the formal dining room. Last time we went on the Allure, I discovered this amazing strawberry soup and I was so hoping they would have it again this year. After the first day it was served, the waiters always had one waiting at my place when I got to dinner because they knew how much I loved it. I probably ended up having about 15 of them by the end of the cruise.



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