On the Allure of the Seas, we sailed through the West Caribbean and stopped at Labadee, Haiti; Falmouth, Jamaica; and Cozumel, Mexico.For Mom, Dad, Ryan, and I, this was our second time on the Allure of the Seas making these stops, so some of the shore excursions we booked we had done before, while others were new to all 6 of us. Grandma and Grandpa didn’t partake in any of the excursions we did.

P1090845.JPGLabadee, Haiti

We took to the skies and went on the world’s longest overwater zip line. We have done other zip line excursions through the rainforest, but never over water. Everything was right off the ship, which was really convenient. The harnesses we wore were more like swings than the strappy harnesses you normally think of and they were so much more comfortable than most harnesses.

We did a test run on a short zip line off to the side to get used to the positions we were supposed to do while landing. We took a “Jeep” up a mountain to get to the top of the big zip line and let me tell you, that Jeep ride was far scarier than the zip line. We drove up a dirt rode way too close to the edge and had to go through pretty sketchy stuff. We were Screen Shot 2017-05-13 at 12.16.40 AM.pngall relieved to finally get out at the top.

We went down the zip line in groups of 5 and none of us were scared. Mom is a little afraid of heights, but she was fine. The zip line wasn’t as fast as I thought it would be and it was actually pretty relaxing. Getting to look out over the ocean going down was so beautiful that I almost forgot I was on a zip line. A photographer was at the bottom taking pictures of everyone as they landed and our pictures turned out pretty well!

I highly recommend this zip line excursion. I wish it lasted longer and that we maybe did a few connecting zip lines through the trees leading up to the zip line over the water, but getting to go over the water was something I would not have wanted to miss.

P1090905.JPGFalmouth, Jamaica

Jamaica was where we did the same excursion we did last time we were there three years ago. We boarded an air-conditioned bus right off the ship with our tour group that drove us an hour away to Ochos Rios, Jamaica. We took a chairlift that lasted about 15 minutes up a mountain to get to the bobsled. The bobsled ride lasted about 5 minutes, but about 3 of that was like when a rollercoaster takes you up the big drop where it just sort of clicks you up the hill.P1090969.JPG

Then we got back on the bus for a short ride over to Dunn’s River Falls. Our tour group was split up, but the 6 of us got to stay together. There were a lot of people climbing the falls and if you didn’t pay attention, it was easy to get separated from your group.

The water was chilly, but once you were in it for a few minutes, you didn’t notice it anymore. At some points we were in water up to our waists, while other times we were just wading in ankle-deep water. Screen Shot 2017-05-13 at 12.29.40 AM.pngDefinitely bring your own water walkers or booties because you’re required to wear them on the falls.

While we were climbing the falls, the guides took our picture a few times and we made a few stops. During the stops we could stand under part of the waterfall pouring on your head or fall backward into deeper water. At one part, there’s even a rock you can slide down into some deeper water. The entire falls is covered by trees so we weren’t out in the sun and it was perfect weather for us.IMG_7927.JPG

The falls were a highlight of the cruise for all 6 of us. Next time, I would skip the bobsled because it really isn’t worth the extra time it takes. There are a lot of excursions that join the falls with another activity, but I think the falls are enough on their own. It took us about an hour to climb them, but I could have gone longer if we’d started farther toward the bottom. The guides also make a video of your group climbing the falls which is pretty cheesy, but a fun souvenir.

1P1100123.jpgCozumel, Mexico

We had planned a boat trip (not through Royal Caribbean) to take us out where Mom, Dad, Ryan, and Jared could dive in Cozumel. When we woke up that morning, it was rainy out and just overcast in general so we called to cancel the boat/dive trip. There were no other shore excursions available that interested us so we decided to take on Cozumel on our own. Jared’s goal for the day was to eat authentic Mexican tacos.

We took a taxi to the “shopping district” of Cozumel, but it was so early since we planned on being on a boat, that nothing was open yet. Jared tried going to a taco stand, but when he asked for 2 tacos, the lady just looked at him and said, “No,” even though they just served a man right in front of Jared.

We walked for quite a few blocks before deciding to take a taxi back to the main area right off of the ship where there was Señor Frogs, Maragritaville, and more touristy shops were. When we got back there, Jared found another taco stand on the outskirts and got himself a real Mexican taco. He said it was delicious and spicy, just like he likes them.IMG_7922

We ended up having lunch at Señor Frogs. Because the drinking age is 18 (but seemingly nonexistent) in Mexico, we all got drinks. I ordered the drink of the day, the Blue Lagoon (vodka, lemonade, and blue curaçao), and when I asked for it, the waiter laughed. I was concerned about what I’d just ordered and realized why when he set a 67 oz plastic bottle filled to the top with my fruity blue drink in front of me.

Every drink at Señor Frogs comes in their well known yard glasses, but my 67 oz bottle just blew my mind. Even though I’m not really a fan of alcohol, I decided I was going to finish it all. While that 1IMG_7870didn’t exactly happen, I did put a dent in it before I let Jared finish the rest for me. Still, I was definitely feeling the effects of what I did drink. Ashlynn ordered the same thing and let Ryan drink most of hers.

At Senor Frogs, the waitresses also go around with shots you can do. They blow on a whistle, fill one shot glass, tip your head back, pour it into your mouth, fill it again and do the same thing, then rub your head, give your chest a massage, and smack you on the butt. I was pretty taken aback the first time I saw them do it (to Dad), but how can you refuse? After they do it, they ask for $5 plus a tip so while it seems like a fun, free, spur of the moment thing, it’s really just another way to make 1P1100140.jpgmoney.

We also all got balloon hats, which they just start making and put on your head without asking if you want to pay for them so you end up paying for that too. Jared also participated in the free shot conga line.

After lunch, Jared and I went shopping to find him a gold necklace. He bartered the price down $170 from the original price and got himself a really nice necklace which I helped him pick out. There wasn’t a whole bunch to do in Cozumel unless you were doing a shore excursion, but we still had a good time.




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