We ate at some pretty stand-out restaurants while we were in Colorado so I thought I would share some of our favorites!

Beau Jo’s Colorado Style Pizza – Idaho Springs, CO

Every time my family has gone to Colorado, we have stopped for pizza at Beau Jo’s on the way to our destination city from the Denver airport. Their mountain pies are the perfect thing to fill up our empty stomachs after a long flight. The crust is thick and tastes like something you would find in a bakery. Tables have honey on them to make the crust even more of a treat. After our first visit to Beau Jo’s we started putting honey on the crust of our pizza at home too! According to Jared, Beau Jo’s has the best ranch he’s ever tasted. That may be because he was so hungry after the flight, but I’ll take his word for it.

The Motherloaded Tavern – Breckenridge, CO

With so many different food preferences in our group of 6, mostly from me, it can be hard to find a variety of restaurants that everyone will be able to find something to eat at. We spent the afternoon in Breckenridge on Monday when there was a blizzard since we couldn’t do much else and decided the Motherloaded menu looked like it would please us all and boy were we right! The food at Motherloaded had a comfort food, home-cooked feel to it and the portions were huge. I got the mac and cheese, and as someone who eats a lot of mac and cheese, you know I’m not joking when I say it was the best mac and cheese I’ve ever eaten. Ashlynn got chicken pot pie (her favorite) and said it was amazing. Everyone really enjoyed their food and was stuffed when we left.

Crepes A La Cart 
– Breckenridge, CO

IMG_6617 2So anyone who knows me, knows I LOVE crepes so when I heard about this little crepe stand in Breckenridge, it automatically became a priority for me to go to on our trip. Even though I was stuffed after the mac and cheese at Motherloaded, I dragged Jared with me through the blizzard so I could get a strawberry jam crepe. It was so warm and fresh and even though the jam got all over my scarf, face, and hands, it was the best part of my day. They have sweet and savory crepes so I highly recommend making a stop if you’re in Breckenridge.

Der Fondue – Keystone, CO

Another dining tradition in the Hyatt family. Der Fondue is a German fondue restaurant at the top of Keystone’s North Peak Mountain where the atmosphere is as good as the food. We’ve been going there since I was a little kid and it’s something we look forward to every time. The hot chocolate and apple cider from the bar while you wait for your table warms you right up after the 25-minute (freezing!) gondola ride up the mountain. We got the typical steak and chicken, but also tried buffalo and pork as our IMG_6787main courses. Since the last time we were at Der Fondue, they changed the way they season their meat and we were not fans. The seasoning and marinade they used made the steak too sweet. We enjoyed the cheese and dessert fondue the most and even asked if we can just do those next time because of the changes they’ve made to the main course.

Downstairs at Eric’s – Breckenridge, CO

Eric’s is a sports bar with a big arcade that we went to last year on New Year’s Eve and had so much fun at, we came back. The arcade is definitely the highlight of Eric’s. They have everything from Skee Ball (my personal favorite) to Pac Man to video simulator games and lots more. We all got burgers for lunch and they were good, but there isn’t really anything special about the food. The games are what makes the experience at Eric’s. The decor is unique with signs from Breckenridge businesses covering the walls and sports memorabilia scattered in throughout.

Two Below Zero – Frisco, CO

Yet another hyatt family tradition (we have a ton of them) is the Two Below Zero sleigh ride dinner. 4 horse-drawn sleighs take about 20 people each through the woods to a heated tent where dinner is served. Hot chocolate and rolls are waiting for you when you sit down. Steak and chicken are served with vegetables and a baked potato for dinner. Apple pie for dessert tops the night off. It is some of the best food you will ever eat and it’s all cooked right at the tent. I think we all left a few pounds heavier than when we arrived. During dinner and dessert, there is a country singer who entertains with old country songs and some songs for the kids. It’s such a unique experience and the food is so good that it is worth every penny.IMG_6637


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