For spring break 2017, Mom, Dad, Ryan, Ashlynn, Jared, and I, went to Copper Mountain Colorado. We spent a whole week in Colorado filling our week with everything you could possibly imagine doing in the snow. Here are our reviews of all the different activities we did while on our snowy vacation.

Snow Mobiling @ Good Times Adventures in Breckenridge, CO

Last time we were in Colorado, we went snow mobiling at Good Times and the views of the continental divide were breathtaking, so going back was at the top of our list for this trip.

We decided to do the 3-hour, “not for beginners” tour instead of the normal 2-hour tour we did last time. Our tour guide, Jared, was really great, but our tour had a much slower pace than we expected, which we think is because one lady in our group had never even ridden a snow mobile before. So much for “not for beginners.”

P1090299.JPGOne thing that disappointed Mom was that we only stopped for pictures once. Last time, we stopped at least twice in scenic areas for pictures. This just depends on the individual tour guide. We were still able to spend time at the top of the continental divide to take it all in and get as many pictures as we wanted.

The extra hour of our tour unfortunately did not mean we got to see more. We just went over the same trails again, so it wasn’t worth it to add the extra hour. Next time, to see some different views, we’re going to try a different place, but we all highly recommend snow mobiling at Good Times.


Horseback Riding @ Double B Riding Stables at Platte Ranch in Fairplay, CO

Horseback riding is what I was most excited for this trip. We planned to go last time, but the weather prevented it. Fairplay is super out of the way from anything else so you P1090395.JPGreally have to set aside a whole day to account for the drive there and back.

Jared and Ashlynn had never been horseback riding before so Mom made sure to pick a place that was good for beginners. One unique thing about this place was that they didn’t follow nose to tail on the trails like most horseback riding tours. The horses all knew to stay together though.

We went horseback riding the day after a white-out storm so it was extremely windy, to the point where it was very uncomfortable and difficult to bear through. I think P1090355.JPGeveryone would have enjoyed the tour a lot more if we had gone when it was nicer weather. Also, we were told it was a 2-hour tour and it ended up being over 3 hours. 3 hours is a really long time for anyone to be on a horse, let alone 2 beginners and in not-so-great weather. The tour itself was beautiful though with great scenery.

At the mid-point of the tour, we were able to trot with our horses if we wanted so each of us tried it out a little. At that point, one of the guides tightened the belly strap on Ashlynn’s horse, which changed the horse’s attitude. From then on, the horse would randomly buck and trot and was just overall not cooperative. When the guide eventually noticed, she took Ashlynn off the horse and the guide walked the horse back because it was behaving so badly even the guide didn’t want to ride it.

I enjoyed the tour aside from the wind, but it basically ruined horseback riding for Ashlynn since that’s her only experience she has to go off of and Jared has no desire to go horseback riding again after being on a horse in extreme wind for 3 hours.


Dog Sledding @ Good Times Adventures in Breckenridge, CO

We returned to Good Times for dog sledding, which we also did on our last visit to Colorado. It was a favorite of all of ours and that was no different this time.

At Good Times, they have a snow mobile that the guide drives up front with a sleigh attached to it for 4 people to ride in. The dogs follow behind pulling their own sled with DSC_0003.JPGone driver standing and one passenger riding. One of the best parts is getting to see the personalities of each of the dogs develop while you’re on the tour.

Toward the end, when Jared and I went to take our turn piloting the dog sled, we asked the instructor if the first part or second part would be easier. Obviously I would take the easier trail and Jared would take the more difficult one. The guide said, “the first one is fast, the second one is fast with turns.” I looked at Jared and he said, “I’ll do both of them.” As soon as I heard the guide’s descriptions of the trails, I thought to myself This is when we’re going to tip theDSC_0137.jpg sled…

Last time, I was driving with Mom in the sled and I tipped us going around a turn. This time, Jared tipped us when his foot slipped on the snow while we were on a straight part of the trail. I tucked my arms in and rolled right out of the sled and Jared bellyflopped, apparently pretty hard according to Dad, who saw it all happen. Even the guide said into his walkie talkie, “We might have a situation.”

Once Jared caught his breath, he got up and we traded places with Ryan and Ashlynn for a break. We took one more turn on driving the sled before the tour was over. Luckily Jared was OK, but the next day he said it felt like he did a really intense ab workout. Dog sledding at Good Times will is definitely something we will do every time we go to Colorado.


Tubing @ Copper Mountain’s East Village

This was our first time tubing at Copper Mountain and it was much more intense than we were expecting! There were 4 levels of slope intensity you could go down and the 1 slope was shut down.

Jared and I connected our individual tubes and did slope 3 first even though he wanted to go right for slope 4 the first time. I was backward the entire ride down and thought I was going to get thrown from my tube a few times! Jared and I went down individually after that because he wanted to do the more intense slope, while I was content going down 2 and 3, which were still plenty intense.

Mom and Dad stuck to slope 2 the whole time because that was more their speed and even that was a little much for Mom. Ryan and Ashlynn went between 2 and 3. Even Jared had to admit that his run down slope 4 wasn’t so much fun as it was an adrenaline rush.

Little kids were going down all of the slopes so even though it sounds like it might not be for a younger crowd, I think they just have less inhibitions than us. There was also a play area for really young kids right next to the tubing hill. I think it’s a great place for a family to go, but it’s probably the last time we will all go snow tubing. We much prefer the water kind.


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