What do you do when it’s a Monday and you don’t have class until 6 p.m.? Go to Disney of course! And if it happens to be February 13th (Galentine’s Day for all you Parks and Rec fans), then you take one of your best friends with you!

image2.JPGMegan and I took a trip to Magic Kingdom in hopes that because we were going on a Monday morning-afternoon, the park would be pretty empty. We’re both annual passholders, so any time we get to spend at Disney is time well spent.

Due to a cheerleading competition the prior weekend, MK was more crowded than we were expecting, but still nothing like you would experience on a weekend or any day over the summer.

We got to the park right at 10 a.m. (an hour after it opened) and started leaving the park at 2:30 – stopping in shops on our way out of course. We spent a good 5 hours in the park, but time flew while we were there.

Our FastPasses were for Winnie the Pooh at 10:30, Space Mountain at 11:55, and Thunder Mountain at 1:40. I spaced them out so we wouldn’t be rushing to get to each one, but I realized during our trip that it would be smart to get 3 close together for when you first get to the park so when those 3 have been used, you can get more FastPasses. That’s what I’ll do next time.

After riding Winnie the Pooh, my mom’s favorite ride that usually has a 90 minute wait, Megan and I stopped at Sleepy Hollow in Liberty Square for fresh fruit waffle sandwiches. I think I found my new favorite food at Disney – aside from churros.

These waffles were delicious and the strawberries, bananas, and blueberries were so fresh. The Nutella added a perfect touch of sweetness without making it unhealthy. Sleepy Hollow also has a great covered place to sit, which would be great on a hot day.

During the day, we met Peter Pan and Snow White. We had Peter film a short selfie video for our DNZ sister Kristina who is obsessed with all things Peter Pan.


Snow White is definitely not one of my favorite princesses, but she’s Megan’s favorite and we saw her just as she was coming out with no line, so we went up to her. I just let Megan getimage6-3 some photos of the two of them and she was very sweet.

When we were walking to Space Mountain, Megan mentioned she knew the location of “the purple wall.” I had only heard about this mysterious wall about a month ago and knew I had to see it for myself.

The purple wall is just that, a pale purple wall in Magic Kingdom that I think started as a joke, but is actually a great place to take pictures. It’s a really flattering, versatile color and it’s in a low-traffic area so there weren’t too many people laughing at me as I did a little photoshoot and took 20 selfies trying to get the perfect one.

Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 11.38.53 PM.png
My first purple wall photoshoot – many more to come!

Before we left, Megan made sure I got a churro. You’ll quickly find out that there isn’t much I love more than churros and every time I get one, I have someone take my picture with it. Megan was disappointed the churros weren’t Mickey shaped like they supposedly are in Tokyo.

img_6243We used all our FastPasses and got to ride a few extra rides before heading back to Gainesville. As Megan put it, “Who says Mondays have to always be bad?”

My Steamboat Willie ears are from Started with Mouse Ears and were super comfortable all day long.

My shirt is from Amazon.


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