We left in the morning to travel to Torun, Poland.

We stopped at the Poznan square for lunch because Uncle Stash had mentioned to our tour guide that that’s where he thought part of his family was from.

When we first got to the square, some lady and a camera man came up to me asking if I was a tourist and if they could interview me for national Polish TV! Of course I said yes!

They started asking me stuff about some Polish female politician who I knew absolutely nothing about and said her Grandfather was from the city we stopped in for lunch. Apparently it was the politician lady’s birthday.

They asked what I wanted to wish her for her birthday so I said “Sto Lat!” I think I pulled it off relatively well given that I had no clue whom or what I was even talking about!

When we got to Torun, we had a short walking tour through the city. It was alright, but we’re all so tired of walking by now. The city was nice though.

Then, we went to make homemade gingerbread cookies.

The spices I used as gingerbread master

I was excited from the moment I heard that was on our itinerary. We used a 700 year old recipe and I got called up to help the “gingerbread master” pound the spices together.

The gingerbread was delicious and so fun to make.

We went to a restaurant in the square for dinner that had strawberry nalesniki so that made my night!

The hotel we stayed in was my least favorite hotel by far. The only thing I ate at the breakfast buffet was a roll because all of the other food was either not something I eat or it was bad tasting even if I did normally eat it.

Also, the hotel only had wifi in the lobby. I couldn’t believe it. So that night a whole group of us gathered around downstairs in the lobby on the (luckily) very comfortable couches down there and used our phones, iPads, etc.

I wore my batman PJs down there, went barefoot, and toted Delilah along like I always do. We also played a game of Yahtzee, which I won for the first time ever! Aunt Lorraine loves Yahtzee and she introduced us to a way to make money if you win the game. Each player puts in a dollar when the game starts and owes the winner a penny for each point difference in their scores. I made over $5!


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