After the tour and a little gnome hunting, we went back to the hotel room to relax for a little bit before Mom, Katie and I went to Let Me Out.

Let Me Out is an escape room where you get locked in a room and have 45 minutes to find the key to unlock it through clues around the room.

Let Me Out was more fun than I would have ever thought! It was in an apartment complex so it seemed a little sketchy at first, but it wasn’t sketchy inside.

They have 4 rooms set up. Two in Polish and two in English. Our Polish isn’t quite up to par yet, so we decided to stick with English.

The room we chose was decorated like a little girls room with posters all over the walls, a desk, a backpack in one corner, a TV, and stuff like that. It was actually pretty stressful while we were trying to figure everything out.

We were allowed to knock on the door two times for a hint, but that’s it. To give you an idea of what we had to do, we first started tearing the room apart and found a case with a combination lock on it in the backpack, a piece of paper with a vague clue on it in an old VCR case, a key inside a camera lens hidden behind a teddy bear on a shelf, etc.

The hard part was figuring out what the clues even meant and most of the time you had to find multiple clues just to figure out the purpose of one of them. There were at least 4 combination locks we had to use clues to figure out the combination for and then the key to the door was in a safe we also needed to come up with the number for.

We knocked on the door twice.

The first time, he told us to look under the table for a clue (and then we felt like idiots for not thinking of that in the first place) and the second time we asked for a clue we had about 8 minutes left and he just told us “You can figure it out.”

At 8 minutes, we felt so stuck, but somehow managed to figure everything out and we made it out of the room with 5 minutes and 56 seconds to spare!

We could not have been more excited! I wish we had something like that at home because it was such a blast! (When I originally wrote this, there wasn’t anything like this at home).

img_1672All along the streets of the different squares in Poland they have little flower stands and I just can’t seem to stop staring at the beautiful, giant sunflowers every time I walk by.

After we left Let Me Out, Katie and I each bought a
sunflower and we had a little mini photoshoot in the square with Mom. It was so fun and were laughing the whole time.

We got some pretty cute pictures, but more importantly we had a great time and got to explore the city while we were at it! We even Screen Shot 2017-02-08 at 7.09.36 PM.pngfound a really vibrant graffiti wall and used it as a backdrop for some of our pictures.

We also continued on our hunt for gnomes before
returning to the hotel for the night. Altogether we found 25 of the 300 dwarves. Not too shabby for two days if you ask me.



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