Today we started off late (we didn’t leave til 9 this morning!) and toured Wroclaw (pronounced nothing like how it’s spelled) mostly by foot. The tour was about 3 hours long and we didn’t really see all that much.

We went inside one church, but I’m really over visiting churches at this point. They’re all pretty much the same. Our entire tour group feels the same way about churches now too: tired of them.

So that was pretty boring, but we did get to go to another, older Lover’s Bridge so that was cool. Some people in Europe even just put a lock on the bridge instead of buying an engagement ring!


We walked through some more of the city, but I’d pretty much stopped paying attention at that point because I wasn’t even listening to the headset either.

Like I mentioned earlier, everyone has these headsets we’re supposed to wear so the tour guide can just talk into the lapel microphone she wears, but the earbuds are uncomfortable and it’s pretty crackly so it gives me a headache too. Because of this, I tend to just walk at the front so I can hear the tour guide talking without the headset.

We ended the tour back in the main square of Wroclaw and by the time the tour ended no one was paying attention anymore and everyone was dying for it to end.

The fun part of today was searching for Wroclaw Dwarves!

During WWII, the city of Wroclaw put little garden gnome statues all around the city doing different things as a way to mock Communists. Now, they keep producing the dwarves for fun. There are some depicted watching TV, one with an ice cream cone in front of an ice cream shop, one with a suitcase outside a hotel, etc.

Katie, Mom, and I made it our mission to find as many as we can and take pictures with them! There are over 300 gnomes total all over the city so unfortunately we won’t be able to find every single one, but we can still try!

Here’s our collection of the gnomes we’ve found so far!


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