After getting back on the bus, we went to a small restaurant on the other side of the street from Auschwitz for lunch. I took one look at the menu and knew there was not a single thing I would eat there. Luckily, I had seen a pizza place right next-door.

Mom and I headed over there to eat and were joined by another couple from our group who didn’t like much Polish food either. We sat and ate together and the pizza was really good! Then, it was back on the bus for another three hours until we got to our hotel.

We had an hour after we checked into our next hotel to get ready for another traditional Polish dinner, unfortunately this time without the folklore entertainment.

When we first sat down, the appetizer was already on our table. It consisted of herring, cabbage, goose liver, and lard. There was at least bread on the table, but Poland isn’t very big on butter so we had to ask for it.

Our waiter came back with butter and gave it to the table next to us. So, we asked him again for butter and he gave it to the table on the other side of us! At that point Aunt Lorraine just got up and took back what was rightfully ours from the other table. We finally got it to only find that it was garlic/herb butter.

Then came the soups. It looked gross from the second the waiter set it in front of me. It was green so that was enough for me to say no way! (For those of you that are unaware, I don’t eat green food. Unless you count green grapes, but that’s it!)

At that point, I was starving and was eagerly, yet nervously, awaiting the main course, desperately hoping it was something I actually eat. It did not bode well when they set my plate in front of me and it was covered in what looked like birdseed, but was really spices. (I also don’t like spices. I prefer my food pretty plain.)

Then, first they set out a bowl of shredded cabbage (yuck), then mushrooms in some sauce (mushrooms are big in Poland and I also don’t eat any sort of sauce), and then finally they brought out the meat.

There was a huge plate with steak, ribs, chicken (stuffed with vegetables, but I just ate around those), small pan-fried potatoes, and pierogis with potatoes and cheese. Let’s just say I ate very well.

Dessert was even better! We had Hot Apple Charlotte, which is pretty much an apple pie sort of thing and it was so good that I ate mine and Katie’s!

The service was pretty slow and Grandpa said (very loudly like he always does), “They need a dumbwaiter in this place. Oh wait, they’ve got a bunch of dumb waiters already!” Oh, Grandpa…

We hung out in the square (every Polish city has a square) for just a little bit after dinner before heading back to the hotel. We’re doing lots more walking tomorrow so I’ll definitely need all the rest I can get tonight!


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