Back in the main square, mom and I chose an Italian restaurant our tour guide recommended for dinner since we were in the mood for pizza.

Apparently, we lucked out on food tonight because the pizza was delicious and didn’t last more than 5 minutes between the two of us! Then, mom saw creme brûlée on the menu and, being her favorite dessert, she just had to get it. I ended up getting vanilla pudding, sort of like flan, with raspberry sauce for dessert.

The food was amazing, but our waiter was terrible. Unlike our driver, the waiter did not get such a nice tip.

During dessert, a ladybug landed right on my plate and started walking around. I love ladybugs so it’s not like I minded at all.

Screen Shot 2017-01-26 at 2.57.25 PM.png
It’s a terrible picture, but this is the lady bug we saved!

Then the poor thing got stuck in a small puddle of raspberry sauce and got flipped onto his back! We struggled to get it out and then feared it would die because it’s wings and legs might have been damaged in the sauce.

We almost cried happy tears when it stuck its little legs out and started walking across the napkin and flew away with ease. We are official ladybug lifesavers!

On the way back to the hotel, Mom and I ran through the streets of Poland like hooligans (as the title of this post suggests) to make sure we hit all of the green “walk” lights crossing the road.

Much unlike New York, there are tight fines for walking when the light is red in Poland and no one dares to disobey it. We may have looked crazy to everyone around us, but hey, what else is new, right?

I had such a blast hanging out with mom tonight. We always have the best time when it’s just me and her, no matter what we’re doing. Whether it’s eating the best ice cream we’ve ever tasted or saving lives one ladybug at a time.thumb_IMG_1609_1024.jpg

It was just so relaxing to sit outside at the cafe in the beautiful weather people watching in the main square alongside my favorite lady. It’s moments like these that I treasure the most and I know that while it was simple and nothing special, it will be one of the most memorable nights of the trip.

I love you Mommy, Ja Cie Kocham!


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