After a little time to rest back at the hotel, Mom and I were up and at it again!

We took a golf cart, open air taxi thing to the Lover’s Bridge a few blocks away.

They have Lover’s Bridges all over the world, even in the US. They are bridges in major cities where couples can put a “love lock” with their names on it or whatever else they
screen-shot-2017-01-24-at-2-13-55-pmwant on it on a bridge sort of as a way to symbolize their love.

I had one made back home with me and Jared’s names engraved on it along with the date we started dating, December 2, 2011 for this specific purpose.

Our golf cart driver, who was the nicest young Polish guy, took us to the bridge with no problem.

I attached the lock to the bridge alongside all of the other locks and then threw the key off the bridge into the water. I even saw a bride and groom attaching a lock! I wish Jared could have been there to attach it with me, but we made do.

When we got back on the golf cart and were headed back to the main square for dinner, our driver pointed to a local ice cream shop and said “That’s the best ice cream in Krakow! It’s usually an hour wait. There’s no line, do you want to go?” Having lucked out with no line and an awesome driver, of course we were all over it!

We had already had ice cream a few times in Poland, but figured we may as well give this place a try. Our driver came in with us in case the workers didn’t speak English well.

When we got there, they only had one flavor left and of course it was my favorite, strawberry! From my first bite of the ice cream I was in heaven! It was legitimately the best ice cream I’ve ever eaten in my entire life. I would come back to Poland again just for that one store’s ice cream!

And to think, we never would have stopped if it weren’t for that driver suggesting it. You can bet we gave him a good tip!



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