I previously only knew how to say aunt, butt, and sing happy birthday in Polish, but since this trip, these are all the new Polish things I can say. I’ll keep the list updated as I continue learning.

New Polish words/phrases:

Good – dobry (doh-breh)

No Problem – nie ma problemu (knee mah problem-oo)

Thank You – dziekuje (gin-coo-yeah)

Hello – czesc (chesh-ch)

Fly (like the bug, thanks to Grandma!) – mucha (moo-cha)

Cheers – na zdrowie (nah stro-v-ya)

Give me a kiss – daj mi buzi (dah me boo-sh-ie)

Beer – piwo (pee-vo)

Water – woda (voh-da)

Grandma – babcia (bob-cha)

Grandpa – dziadek (jah-dek)

Good evening – dobry wieczor (doh-breh vyeh-choor)

Good morning – dzien dobry (gin doh-breh)

Uncle – wujek (voo-yek)

Shoes – buty (boot-eh)

Good night – dobranoc (doh-bra-notes)

I don’t know Polish – nie wiem polsku (nyeh vee-em pole-skoo)

New day – nowy dzien (noh-vee gin)

Welcome – powitanie (poh-vee-tah-nyeh)

Squirrels – wiewiorka (vee-vee-oar-kah)

Yes – tak (tah-k) Marta says everyone in Poland always says it more than once, like “tak tak tak”

No – nie (nyeh)

You’re welcome – prosze (pro-sheh)

My name is… – nazywam sie (nah-zy-vam shee)

Rainbow – tecza (teh-cha)

I love you – ja cie kocham (yah chee ko-hem)

Please – prosze (proh-sheh)

Ice Cream – lody (load-ee)


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