After lunch, we went on a search for ice cream because my friend Maddie, who went to Poland a few weeks ago, showed me a picture of a foot tall ice cream cone she had while she was here.

In Polish, “lody” means ice cream

There were dozens upon dozens of ice cream shops in Old Town that sold almost exactly what we were looking for. The ice cream was delicious and had a very different taste than it does in America. I couldn’t even bring myself to finish the whole thing, but Grandpa sure didn’t have any trouble downing his in a matter of minutes.

Then, we began our somewhat long walk back to the hotel in the rain that was getting increasingly worse. Grandma and Grandpa had taken a cab back to the hotel after deciding it was too far for them to walk and Uncle Stash and Aunt Lorraine went to a 3 o’clock Polish mass at one of the churches in Old Town.

That’s right, an entire mass in nothing, but Polish.

We were freezing on our way back to the hotel so Katie, Uncle Ray, Mom, and I stopped in H&M to buy some long sleeved shirts and sweaters for the rest of the trip. Knowing our luck, it will be hot the rest of the time.

All day our tour guide, Marta, kept telling us to “walk with a purpose” or “move with a purpose” so we didn’t get too slow. Grandma responded to that with her excuse for walking slowly by saying, “well my purpose is to not fall!” “With a purpose” is our new motto for our trip and one that I’m hoping everyone in our group can stick to because I, for one, am a very fast walker!

Today was so fun and I learned so much about the history of Poland. I even got my first spoon of the trip! (Anyone who has been to my house has seen the two huge, full souvenir spoon racks I have hanging by my room. I love buying a spoon from every place I travel to!)

We’re keeping dinner low-key tonight by either eating at the hotel or at the same pizza place we ate at a couple of days ago.

Tomorrow, we leave early in the morning to travel to Krakow, Poland on a 2.5 hour bus ride. At least I know I can sleep well on a charter bus (thank you marching band)!


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