Today, we toured the capital of Poland, Warsaw.

Warsaw was completely demolished during World War II so after the war, the people of Warsaw decided to build the city back to the identical way it looked before the war. This can be seen especially in Old Town Warsaw featuring old style shops and buildings. It is an incredible place to visit with so much history behind it.

We started our day off early by boarding the charter bus at 8:30 a.m. We’re using headsets for the rest of the tour to get information from the tour guide while we walk the streets, but I find it burdensome and uncomfortable, plus it makes you look way too tourist-y.

The statue resembles both a hand playing the piano, and an eagle.

Instead, I just stand up front and listen to her talk so I don’t have to wear it.

Our first stop was in the beautiful Royal Garden. It is a huge 200-acre garden with roses everywhere and a big statue of famous Polish composer, Henri Chopin. We also went to a memorial for the Jewish Uprising during WWII, which was very touching.

One thing that stands out about Warsaw is all of the big statues everywhere. Katie and I decided to make the trip a little more interesting by recreating some of the statues for pictures. It’s so much fun and gives us a good laugh. I’m hoping we’ll have a good size collection by the end of our trip!


Our final stop of the day was Old Town Warsaw. I could have stayed there all day except for the fact that it was a very dreary day with a steady drizzle of rain. Luckily we brought our
IDSC01729.jpgn Old Town, we walked around and marveled at the architecture before going to watch a movie about the destruction of Warsaw during WWII. It was a short movie made up entirely of video footage and pictures from the 1930s and 1940s. It was incredible to be walking around a city that had once been nothing, but ashes.

After the movie, we were on our own for the rest of the day. The first thing our family decided to do was eat. We chose a small local restaurant because it had golumpki, which mom wanted for lunch.

The waiter led us down a sketchy stairwell into part of the restaurant downstairs. It seemed like something out of a horror movie and I could’ve sworn I was going to get murdered. Mom agreed, yet we stayed and ate anyway.

Everyone had golumpki (cabbage leaves stuffed with three kinds of meat) except for Katie and me because I think that sounds absolutely disgusting and it smells even worse. I got spaghetti (for the second day in a row) and Katie got a t-bone steak. The food was good and surprisingly no one got killed.



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