Last night we had our welcome dinner to start our official tour off.

There are 40 people in our tour all together and it’s not exactly the youngest crowd. Most of the people are elderly couples, but at least that means I know I won’t have to do much physical stuff!

I’m the youngest person of the group and I pride myself on that. That also means I’m the only one that can’t legally drink in Poland because the drinking age here is 18. No vodka tasting in Krakow for me!

Despite the age difference, everyone in our group is really nice and friendly. We found out today that a good majority of them can actually keep up quite well. We even met a couple from Sarasota. The wife in the couple is an ACE teacher at Sarasota High.

Even though we are a group that would rather just talk to each other than socialize for the most part, we did manage to branch out and meet quite a few people in our group.

I finally got a good nights rest last night too! I got a good, solid 7 hours of sleep for the first time in 4 days. We have a busy day ahead of us and, unfortunately, it’s looking like it’s going to be a very rainy day today.


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