So today didn’t exactly go as planned. At all.

img_3836First off, the weather. When I checked what the weather would be like in Poland, it was in the high 70s. Because of that, I decided to mostly pack jeans to wear. Then, Grandma told me it was going to be around 86 by the middle of the week and stay that warm so I decided to pack some shorts as well and just tank tops and crop tops to wear for shirts. I figured I’d only bring my denim jacket in case I wore a dress and got cold. Let’s just say, the high today is 63.
That’s the last time I’ll be trusting Grandma to be the weatherman. Since “denim on denim doesn’t work” as Uncle Stash will now tell you, I decided to just tough it out in a short sleeve crop top that wasn’t too short. It was fine when there was no wind, but when the wind started blowing my whole body filled with goose bumps. Of course everyone else thought to bring a jacket.

This trip has not gone all too smoothly for Grandma so far. First, she lost her luggage (which still hasn’t been found) and then today, her and Grandpa got lost. It was a far enough walk to the tour bus pick up area for Grandpa and Grandma to take a taxi. We told the taxi driver what corner to drop them off on and we walked there to meet them. The problem is, the taxi never came and we ended up missing our tour waiting for them. On the bright side, we were right next to a mall so I ran in and bought a jacket from H&M.

As I’m writing this, 2 hours after we missed our tour, we are still sitting here waiting for Grandma and Grandpa to show up. None of our phones work here without WIFI, so we don’t have any way of contacting them. After awhile, Uncle Ray and Katie said they’d go back to the hotel to see if Grandma and Grandpa went back there and said they’d come and get us to let us know if they found them.

It’s been over an hour since Uncle Ray and Katie went back to the hotel and they haven’t come back. Aunt Lorraine and Uncle Stash decided to go back to the hotel a few minutes ago so Mom and I are still sitting here waiting for someone to come back saying they found Grandma and Grandpa.

Poland isn’t really the best place to lose your grandparents.


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