Note to self: Never. Ever. Schedule a 9-hour nonstop flight unless it’s first class.

The flight was, to say the least, less than desirable. Actually, it was pretty miserable. It was a HUGE plane with three rows of three seats each! Unfortunately, the seats were very narrow and there was very little legroom. Sleeping was near impossible, so I am running on about a total of 2 hours of interrupted sleep in the past 24 hours.IMG_3825.JPG

On the bright side, the seat backs on the plane were so fancy and had so many cool
features! There was a button to tint the window darker (no shade), a USB outlet to charge a
phone, and a remote for the TV and lights. The TV even had the finale episode of Gossip Girl!

The dinner was alright and the breakfast was pretty good, but we were definitely hungry by the time the flight ended.

We’ve already had a few slight mishaps. Grandma’s suitcase got lost somewhere between Tampa and Poland. Luckily, she has pjs and an extra outfit in Grandpa’s suitcase, but it img_1453looks like we’re going shopping soon.

The hotel rooms weren’t ready for 2 hours after w got to the hotel, so we took the opportunity to go to lunch for some local cuisie. We ate pierogis (dumplings filled with various stuffings) at Zapiecek and they were delicious! I had the strawberry pierogis in vanilla sauce as well as potato and cheese pierogis and I can’t wait to go back for more.

After lunch, Uncle Stash forgot his backpack at the restaurant and didn’t realize it until we got back to the hotel, which was luckily only a 10-minute walk away. Fortunately, he got his backpack back with his passport and everything inside it still.

I’ve already started learning quite a few common Polish phrases just from hearing them constantly over the past day and a half. I can now say “good morning,” “you’re welcome,” “give me a kiss,” “thank you,” and many more! Uncle Stash is a great teacher.

With only 2 hours of sleep so far, it feels like it’s been one long, continuous day since we got on the Tampa flight yesterday morning. That being said, Mom and I are going to spend the rest of the day (it’s 2:20 here now) relaxing in our hotel room watching movies and reading.


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