Welcome to my blog! If you decide to keep up with my posts, you’ll find all about my trip to Poland.

Why Poland you ask? My mom’s 100% Polish, which makes me 50% Polish. My grandma is taking us on the trip for my cousin Katie’s graduation present and because I wanted to go as well, it’s also my graduation present, just a year early!

Accompanying me on the trip are my mom, Katie, my grandma and grandpa Ciemniecki, my Uncle Ray, and we’re meeting up with my Uncle Stash and Aunt Lorraine at the JFK Airport in New York since they live in New Jersey.

We’ll be in Poland from July 10th-July 21st. Poland is 6 hours ahead of Florida time and we are going to be on the go the whole time!

We’re going with a tour group, which is good because none of us speak Polish (grandpa knows some cuss words and we can all sing Sto Lat but that’s about it!)

I hope you decide to keep following my blog! I’ll try to post every night about my day.


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